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2011 publications

Evaluation of icephobic coatings

Evaluation of icephobic coatings

November 2011

Report on the evaluation of an icephobic coating developed by the United States Naval Surface Warfare Center  to reduce ice build-up on offshore patrol vessel  superstructures during cold environment operations.

Read this report [PDF: 1.82MB, 27 pages]


Defence capability plan

September 2011

This plan is designed to give shape to the first ten years of capability development under the policy framework provided by the Defence White Paper 2010.

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The influence of shallow water waves on the REMUS autonomous underwater vehicle

The influence of shallow water waves on the REMUS autonomous underwater vehicle

July 2011

This report outlines the results of an investigation into the influence that shallow water waves have on the dynamics and performance of the REMUS Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

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The Seabreeze 2009 experiment

The Seabreeze 2009 experiment

June 2011

Report on an experiment to investigate the impact of ocean and atmospheric processes on radar performance in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. This report from Weather and Climate has been reproduced with permission from the New Zealand Meteorological Society (Inc).

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Rotational torsion fatigue failure of an engine driven fuel pump coupling

June 2011

This paper reports on our research to investigate the engine failures occurring in military trainer aircraft, used by the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Read this research paper [Wiley Online Library website]

Sound pressure level of the Steyr AUG Rifle

Sound pressure level of the Steyr AUG Rifle

April 2011

Report on the sound pressure level of the New Zealand Army’s Steyr AUG rifle at a number of angles and distances from the muzzle – with and without a muzzle brake fitted.

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DTA Review Cover

Review of the Defence Technology Agency

March 2011

The observations and recommendations from a three-person panel during a comprehensive external review of the Defence Technology Agency.

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2010 publications

Summary of findings from the New Zealand recruitment nutrition and health project – 2009

Summary of findings from the New Zealand recruitment nutrition and health project – 2009

June 2010

This report summarises the extensive findings of each phase of the New Zealand Army Recruit Nutrition and Health Project and provides recommendations to help enhance physical and cognitive performance, both during training and throughout a soldier’s career.

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Maritime counter-piracy study using agent-based simulations

April 2010

This research paper describes the simulation techniques used to investigate how a large commercial vessel could defend itself against pirate hijacking.

Read this research paper [Nanyang Technological University website]

Finite element analysis of the cold expansion of aircraft fastener holes

March 2010

Report on research to develop finite element simulations of the hole cold expansion process. The research evaluated the residual stress fields developed from FEA (finite element analysis) models of different levels of complexity.

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2009 publications

Navy logo

Defence technology

May 2009

This article, published in Navy Today, explains our role, who we work with in the military science community, and some of the work we’ve done for the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Navy Today is the monthly magazine for RNZN sailors, members of the New Zealand Defence Force, and others.

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2007 publications

RNZAF logo

DTA Research Anticipates NH90 Arrival

November 2007

This article explains how we, as part of a research cluster, have won funding for research into advanced fibre composite structures. Our expertise in composites will enable us to support the Air Force’s new NH90 helicopters.

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Recent developments in the MANA agent-based model

January 2007

This article describes MANA – an agent-based method of modelling military operations. MANA was developed by the Operations Analysis team within our Sensing Systems group.

Read this article [Naval Postgraduate School website]