Structure and Governance

We are organised into four research areas and an operations support team, each led by a Group Director.

The Defence Technology Agency is organised into four research areas: C4ISR Systems, Platform & Protection Systems, Electronic Warfare Systems and Operations Analysis & Human Systems. We also have an Operations Support Group which provides logistical and administrative support and advice.

All areas are led by Group Directors who report to the Defence Technology Agency Director, Dr David Galligan, who in turn reports to the Vice Chief of Defence Force, Air Vice-Marshal Tony Davies. The Defence Technology Advisory Board (DTAB) oversees all the New Zealand Defence Force’s (NZDF’s) research, science and technology (RS&T) activities and has overall responsibility for the RS&T Strategy. Co-chairs for the Board are Vice Chief of Defence Force (VCDF), Air Vice-Marshal Tony Davies, and Chief Defence Technologist, Dr Peter Lee.

Our work programme is determined by the Defence Science Steering Group (DSciSG) which assesses and prioritises the NZDF work requests in line with the RS&T strategy and Annual Plan. DSciSG is chaired by Defence Technology Agency’s Director and includes members from a variety of branches of the NZDF.

C4ISR Systems

Provides the necessary research, science and technology support for integrating defence personnel, ships, aircraft, vehicles, sensors and more. Learn more

Platform and Protection Systems

Provide research and investigative work to support the NZDF’s air, naval and land vehicles, and the equipment and weapons used by personnel. Learn more

Electronic Warfare Systems

Delivering operational analysis advice and advanced sensing and counter measures solutions to all elements of the NZDF. Learn more

Operations Analysis and Human Systems

Made up of two teams: Military Operations Analysis uses evidence-based analysis of the NZDF’s operations and capability to support important defence decisions, and Human Systems helps the NZDF get the best performance possible from their people. Learn more