Supporting the NZDF In-Service Weapon Replacement/ Upgrade Programme (ISWRUP).

"Ensuring that our personnel are appropriately armed and equipped to meet the challenges and complexities of the contemporary and future operating environments."

  • Our scientists helped generate statements of requirements.
  • We conducted technical evaluations to support small arms tender evaluations.
  • Our work supported other related projects such as tactical shotgun replacement and personal protection weapon replacement.

We undertook small arms effectiveness studies to support the NZDF In-Service Weapon Replacement/Upgrade Programme (ISWRUP).

Our Military Operations Analysis (MOA) team led multidisciplinary teams of Defence Technology Agency (DTA) scientists to assist with generating statements of requirements and conducting technical evaluations in support of small arms tender evaluations.>

Our evaluations included:

  • measuring weapon peak sound pressure levels
  • assessing weapon grouping capacity (accuracy)
  • estimating downrange projectile energy levels
  • comparing visible muzzle flash levels
  • capturing high speed video of barrel movement
  • assessing operator ergonomics
  • integration and load effects.

This supported other projects including:

  • tactical shotgun replacement
  • light support weapon replacement
  • personal protection weapon replacement
  • individual weapon replacement (including underslung grenade launchers).

We were also involved in developing testing regimes for weapon sighting systems, night aiming devices, weapon training simulators, and ammunition.