Understanding how Navy personnel learn.

"We want to provide the most effective and convenient means for our personnel to learn and develop new skills."

  • We conducted an online survey to assess whether Navy personnel suit self-directed learning.
  • Results indicated that most personnel are suited to self-directed learning.
  • Five annual surveys were planned – we conducted four with the last one in 2016.

We also assessed the potential of Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) personnel to undertake self-directed learning.

We devised an online survey that incorporated the Self-Directed Learning Readiness Survey developed at the University of Sydney.


The results indicated:

  • RNZN personnel have almost universal access to the internet
  • the NZDF learning management system is being used
  • the majority are not using RNZN simulators
  • most RNZN personnel use tools such as Twitter and Facebook regularly
  • Skype and Internet TV are used to a lesser extent but virtual worlds are not popular
  • most of those surveyed are suited to self-directed learning but a substantial minority (28%) are not and require alternative strategies, or additional support and encouragement, to achieve their learning goals.

In 2016, the fourth of the proposed five annual surveys was conducted. Based upon the results and trends of these first four surveys a final survey was not considered necessary.