During the October school holidays 4 members of the North Shore based cadet unit, TS Leander, visited DTA.

They were shown examples of the work that DTA is doing to support the NZDF and Ministry of Defence by researchers in the Operations Analysis Section, C4ISR Group, Platform and Protection Systems Group and the Electronic Warfare Group.

They saw how virtual reality (VR) is being developed and used to train military personnel at sea and ashore as well as to support pilot and driver training.

They then went to visit the Platform and Protection Systems Group where Mr Jason Guey talked to them about the work he was doing to research ways to strengthen the RNZN's OPV fleet to allow them to safely operate in Antarctic waters , especially where ice is prevalent.

After that, they were shown the scanning electron microscope by Dr Ben Withy who demonstrated its capability to minutely examine materials and to help DTA scientists understand the composition of materials and why they sometimes fail.

Next was the "drone lab" where Mr Achala Perera showed a number of technologies he is using to research how remotely piloted aerial systems (RPAS) - or drones as they are commonly known - can be used to support military operations on land and at sea.  He also spoke about counter-drone research he is doing which will allow NZ troops to operate more safely where such a threat exists.


Last but not least, the cadets heard about how we protect our aircraft and helicopters from missile attack through sophisticated software and flares attached to airframes.



Under Officer Tymon Porter said, " I had no idea what DTA did and how important it is in relation to NZDF."  

I can speak for all of us who attended - it was totally fascinating 

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