The Chief of the Defence Force (CDF) Air Marshal Kevin Short paid a visit to DTA on Thursday 25 June 2020.  

He spent the afternoon being briefed by key staff, visiting several areas of work and enjoying afternoon tea where he was able to speak to many of the staff and answer a few questions.

Areas of interest were Cyber Defence, Space Research and Autonomous Systems where CDF was briefed on recent developments and current work being undertaken to support defence outputs.  He was also briefed on DTA's support to the national COVID-19 response where researchers have been assisting with the development of a contact tracing app and how DTA scientists have been modelling the spread of the disease.

As well as leading edge developments with incredible stories to tell, there were also some historical photos and reports on display which were leading edge in their time.  CDF enjoyed seeing photos of A4-K Skyhawks and Strikemaster jets which were in service when he was a young Air Force navigator.


I enjoyed hearing how NZDF has contributed to the COVID response.  Stuart Junge





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