Sally Garrett and Will Coldicutt are on board HMNZS Wellington heading for the Southern Ocean, part of a group of 54 government staff and five tonnes of equipment accompanying NZDF on a resupply mission to the Sub-Antarctic Islands.

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) is assisting with the maintenance and repair of key buildings in a three-phase operation in the sub-Antarctic islands.

During the 2017 resupply mission DTA and MetOcean deployed a moored wave buoy, about 10 kilometres south of Campbell Island, to study the Southern Ocean waves. This was the furthest south such a device has ever been launched.

The buoy measured waves as big as 19.4 m., before breaking free and heading for Chile. The buoy is still reporting back and providing good data but it has drifted north. The plan for this trip is for MetOcean Solutions and DTA to launch a replacement wave buoy at the original location.

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