November 6, 2018

DTA blitzes the Taupo Ultramarathon

Alan James, Clint Barnes, Brent Martin and Jamie Halla, the four hardy members of Team DTA on the Run, entered the 2018 Taupo Ultramarathon 100KM Team Relay. It’s an epic journey showcasing the very best of the Lake Taupo region: lake views, mountain ranges, rivers, waterfalls, and native forest.

Leg 1 runner Alan says that, despite the 6am start and the threat of high winds and snow, the running conditions were perfect. Completing leg 1 (33km) from Waihaha to Hingarae Road in 3h30m, Alan handed over to Clint who completed his 17km in 2h00m after battling some hilly sections of Whangamata Road.

Brent’s 26km took him down to Kawakawa Bay and over the headland towards Kinloch, running through bush and beside streams. 3h06m later he passed the baton to Jamie to complete the final 24km over the W2K and Headland Loop trails to finish at Whakaipo Bay in 2h18m.

The team completed the 100km in 10h54m, beating their estimated time of 12 hours, and finishing as the 4th placed team (out of 19).

Brent says that despite the stiff breeze in exposed places that kept the temperature cool, the day was hugely enjoyable and some of the views over the lake were brilliant. Back for more next year? We’ll see!