January 11, 2018

Congratulations to Dr John Kay, MNZM

Dr John Kay – Principal  Scientist has been awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to the New Zealand Defence Force.

Dr John Kay has been employed as a scientist by the Defence Technology Agency and its predecessors for 37 years.

Dr Kay’s expertise covers the fields of underwater acoustics, ship signatures above and below water, ship defensive capabilities, air surveillance and most recently, space systems. He has worked in the international defence science community, leading New Zealand’s participation in international defence science research collaboration in areas including maritime, electronic warfare and sensor systems. He was selected in 2009 to lead New Zealand’s participation into a multilateral “Imagery Measurements and Signatures Research and Development Program”. He has successfully led New Zealand’s participation in this programme as well as leading a programme of research and development drawing on the efforts of many scientists, domestically and internationally. Due to the cutting-edge nature and rapid progression of the work he has led, he has also worked with policy leaders in other government agencies to ensure correct regulatory frameworks are in place. Dr Kay has become an internationally recognised leader in defence science and technology and most recently has made significant contributions in areas of space-based strategic intelligence systems.