August 28, 2017

DTA test immersion suit performance

DTA scientists conducted an exercise with the crew of HMNZS Otago to assess the RNZN SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for evacuation and to test immersion suit performance.

HMNZS Otago testing their standard operating procedures for emergency evacuation and the usabiliity of their immersion suits

HMNZS Otago crew testing their emergency evacuation gear

The trial was conducted as part of DTA’s ongoing work around polar liferaft survivability. Scientists have spent the past year undertaking an evaluation of liferaft survival prospects, nutritional requirements, equipment considerations and evacuation procedures. The exercise conducted with the crew of HMNZS OTAGO provided the opportunity to document in-depth, some of the challenges likely to occur during a large-scale emergency evacuation in the Southern Ocean.

Findings from the trial will be used to inform future policy and SOPs, equipment acquisition and staff pre-deployment training requirements. Ultimately the safety and wellbeing of RNZN personnel when deployed on operations is of paramount importance, and DTA is proud to play its role in enhancing fleet readiness and improving personnel safety.

To read more about the trial see page15 [Navy Today, issue 214, September 2017].