December 14, 2016

Sally Garrett – New Zealand Defence Force Safety Person of the Year 2016

Sally Garrett from DTA has won the New Zealand Defence Force Safety person of the year award. The award is presented for the best initiative to address a safety hazard. Sally received it for her contribution to the survivability analyses of NZDF ships.

Sally’s detailed environmental assessments and on-going advice on the wave, wind, temperature and ice conditions in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic waters has underpinned robust survivability analysis of HMNZS Canterbury and helped inform the design process for the Littoral Operations Support Capability Vessel (LOSC) and Maritime Sustainment Capability (MSC) vessel projects by defining the environmental conditions these ships will need to operate in and survive encounter with.

Accurately aligning environmental conditions to the engineering process is one of the most significant elements in delivering safe ships. Sally’s expertise and hard work in support of this has been recognised.