December 14, 2016

West Coaster 2016

On Saturday 10th December the unofficial DTA running club and associates converged on Bethell’s Beach to take part in their sixth Speights West Coaster off-road marathon. Training took a greater toll this year but several last-minute substitutions brought DTA’s five teams to full strength. All threw themselves into it with gusto especially Helen (pictured) who, on her first ever off-road race, stormed through leg one to be the fastest woman on that leg out of all competitors. Another notable performer was Oliver, who set a new DTA record for leg four. Thanks to Alan for again providing the impetus for DTA’s entry in the event. Also a huge thank you to supporting DTA staff and families who clapped and cheered the competitors as they heaved and staggered their way into the transition points and also provided additional transportation. It was another great event with some memorable moments, but the debate about which leg is the hardest is still not settled so we’ll have to do it all again next year.