December 4, 2014

DTA staff conquer the West Coaster

One of DTA's staff members is pictured at the start of the race.

Nathan Williams looking relaxed at the start.

Twelve DTA staff were up bright and early last Saturday preparing to challenge themselves against the elements.

Once again three DTA teams entered the 42.2 km team event of the Speight’s West Coaster. An event described as ‘pretty damn tough with a touch of extreme for good measure’.

The run is one of New Zealand’s toughest off-road marathons following parts of the Te Henga trail and including lots of up hill grunt.
To give an indication of just how tough it is the total ascent over the course is 1984m.

DTA's Director running through a stream during the race.

Brian Young splashing his way through one of the stream crossings.


One staff member was inspired to write the following:

When pain is gnashing at your heals,
When hurt is chasing you, hounding you,
When self-doubt is approaching from the South, like a thunderous storm, taking all in it’s path,
Keep running.

When each step is laced with agony,
When blood runs over your eyes like red ribbons,
When all you are, and all you ever will be, is lying on the dusty road from Bethells,
Get up, Keep running.

Chris Powell shown running through the finishing gate.

Chris Powell still managing a smile as he crosses the finish line.